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NV246 Transfer Case

April 18, 2016 - Author: Courtney

Question: I have a 1999 4WD Automatic Chevy Silverado in which the 4 wheel drive service light is on. It will not engage to the 4 wheel drive. I like to know what that would be causing that. I also like to know what kind of transfer case I have as well.

Answer: This is a NV246 transfer case and they have many issues. As far as the service 4wd lights, it could be many things. They have dash switch problems, module issues and encoder motor issues. I would start by checking the fluid level and condition of the fluid. The rear case is subject to oil pump rub from the inside and it will create a pin hole in the rear housing and even though you may not have seen the leak it will while driving and run the transfer case dry.

If the transfer case is full and the fluid color is still blue then I would suggest getting it on a scanner and see if it is commanding the encoder motor to shift.

If the fluid is burnt or low it is more likely that the clutch pak is burnt up and out of range throwing the code and requiring a rebuilt.

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Upgrade Your Transfer Case

June 23, 2015 - Author: Courtney
Vehicle Manufacturer:
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Year:
Engine Size:
Transmission Type:
Pickup Size:
3/4 Ton
4 Wheel Drive
I would like to double my transfer case, currently running the 241c. I would like to change to a gear driven transfer case, however I do not know which would work best for me.Answer:

A NP205 would be the best option… it is gear driven and a very good transfer case.

Order part number TCGM008A NP205 transfer case your cost $800 outright.

You will also need NP205 adapter to TH350 your cost $175.00

27 spline coupler your cost $125.00

Freight charges will be added.

The only other thing needed is a shifter and drive shaft mods… best on the shifter is to source a aftermarket twin stick.

Visit our website for more information.

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Transfer Case or Differential Problem

May 19, 2015 - Author: BartBarton


When i put transfer case into gear light lights up and the rod is shifting the transfer case but tires not spinning only rears. How can i check its the transfer case not front diff. I have 2003 dodge ram 2500 3/4 ton np271d transfer case with hemi motor

Answer: Jack the truck up engage 4wd and see if the front drive shaft spins … if the drive shaft spins and the front wheels don’t it is the diff accuator or the diff. if the front shaft doesn’t spin then it’s the transfer case

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How a Clutch Works

May 8, 2015 - Author: Courtney

For a description of specific clutch elements see the figure on the right


Clutch Diagram

1) Transmission input shaft 2) Transmission input bearing 3) Clutch release bearing sometimes referred to as throughout bearing 4) Pilot bearing in the back of flywheel 5) clutch disc lining and 6) clutch fork, 7) Flywheel. When the disc moves away from the flywheel, power flow from your engine to the transmission is interrupted. The engine crankshaft and flywheel are rotating at a higher speed than the disc and transmission input shaft that are coasting. When the clutch is engaged, the disc slips briefly to supply smooth engagement and once again, the clutch clamps the disc up against the flywheel. This causes the input

shaft to turn transmitting engine power to the transmission. The most important factor in clutch design is the disc materials; Luk clutches use precisely formulated lining with much better efficiency and longer life guaranteed.

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Can you replace the rear drive shaft ujoints on my 2006 Jeep Commander 4X4 5.7L

April 21, 2015 - Author: James N

We can not replace the u joints on that drive shaft. What we can do is build you a new replacement drive shaft cheaper then the OEM shaft with u joint that are replaceable and available at many auto parts store.

They are made from standard Dana Spicer parts and redesigned to meet specification as a direct fit and are easy to replace using your old hardware.

when you call use please have the number off the tag on your old shaft or the dealer part number ready along with year, make, and Model along with engine size so we may get you what you need.

they are $395.00 with free shipping

Please Call James Today 1-800-444-0755

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Automatic Transmission

April 16, 2015 - Author: Courtney

Question:I have Chrysler G. Voyager 2.4 SE Gasoline with defect Automatic transmission. The Vans gear slipper when I am trying to press gas pedal, wont go. Would you please send me your price for replacement of this Transmission and please confirm if it need to be re-coded or just install and run?

Answer: We can supply a rebuilt transmission for this vehicle with a 100,000 mile warranty your cost is $1395 plus a $500 core charge, plus delivery. Once this transmission is installed vehicle will have to be driven to the dealer after it is installed and re-flashed.

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ZF 5S-42 Transmission

March 6, 2015 - Author: Courtney

Question: I have a ZF 5S-42 transmission
> Ford # E9TA-7003-AAA
> Model# 130750 058
> Serial# 8236294
> Ratio 4.14-.077
> Right side PTO
> 8 7/8 extension housing

This trans was torn down by a local trans shop, they said it was to far gone for them to rebuild. It has a good case but needs internal gears and parts. Can you give me a price on rebuilding this trans ?

Answer: We can provide a re-manufactured dyno tested transmission with a 12 month warranty, its our part number MTFRD038 it is the correct unit

ZF 5S-42

ZF 5S-42

Fits 300/302/351 2WD Small Block Electro/mech speedo 1987-1994  Your cost is $1,366.67 plus Core deposit $500.00, plus freight.  Give Scott a call 888-824-2012 he can help you.

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Can you help me with 2009 Lincoln MKZ rear Drive Shaft

December 29, 2014 - Author: James N

We sure can these are factory shafts that Ford superseded nearly 10 part numbers into one 2pc replacement. Some years came with a factory 2pc, most came with a 3pc. This shaft replaces both. They fit 2007-2011 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, and Mercury Milan Automatic or Manual Transmission with AWD

The part number is PFPT2193-303 your cost $665.00 free shipping and about 3 -4 days to your door these parts have recently been added to our webpage.

Please Call James 1-800-444-0755  for any of your drive line needs.

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Driveshaft for Kia 2006

December 16, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

I have a 2006 Kia Sorrento 3.5L V5 2WD with Automatic transmission

Question:  I would like to know, is your driveline for this vehicle a single or dual shaft design? Also, does all of the required parts for installation included with the drive shaft?


We can provide a brand  new dual shaft  driveline and would be complete ready to bolt including joints and center bearing.  The complete unit will be high speed balances as an assembly before leaving the factory.

Your cost is $525.00  order part number PFPT2692-231N, plus freight.

Give James or Lance a call at 800-444-0755 they can help you.  See the other Kia drivelines and driveshafts we can provide on our site.


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Need parts for Ford Differential

December 11, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

I have a Jeep 1995 2.5L YJ

Question:  I’m purchasing a used 97 ford explorer L.slip rear axle assembly, it’s an empty case. need to know what i’ll need to set it up with Limited slip 31 spline 4.56 gears. want to put together budget and get started with purchases. any help would greatly be appreciated.


Below is a parts list for a Ford 8.8 rear differential you can pick the parts you need:

  •  RING & PINION  MOTIVE part number F888456   or YUKON GEAR part number YUKON    YG F8.8-456  4.56 ratio   your cost $210.50
  • BEARING KIT part number R-88  your cost $98.59
  • AXLE  BEARING part number 6408  your cost $11.02 EACH
  • AXLE SEAL part number 8835S your cost $3.26 EACH
  • REAR AXLE SHAFTS part number F5TZ4234A and F5TZ4234B $95.92 each

There are a couple of options for positraction units

  • FORD LIMITED SLIP part number 2L2Z4026AA  your cost $231.57

Give Lance or James a call 800-444-0755 they can help you.  You can see the other rear end part that we can provide on our site.

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