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Motive Gear Ring and Pinioin

January 27, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

On display at Winter in the Rocks in Southern Utah on Jan 24 and Jan 25 at Sand Mountainjee;_hanging_on_wall.

Is your Jeep hung up?  We offer a complete line of Motive Gear ring and pinion set plus positraction units, bearing overhaul kits, clutch kits, axles and much more.  We can supply a new high speed balance driveshaft or re-manufacture your driveline and save you some money! Take advantage of our technical expertise just give us a call 800-444-0755.motivegear_blog

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Exactly what does the clutch do?

January 17, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

I have a 1993 Mazda B2300 Pickup with 2.3lt engine.  I am starting to have what I believe are clutch problems.  I dont have a lot of experience can you help me understand the function of the clutch in my Mazda?

The clutch connects and disconnects the engine and transmission. Disengaging the clutch release device (peddle) actuates the clutch fork. The fork contacts the release bearing, moving up against the clutch diaphragm spring fingers. This step enables the clutch pressure plate to raise from the flywheel, opening a very small room between your disc, flywheel and pressure plate.

For a detailed explanation of particular clutch components view the clutch_cutawayfigure on the right 1) Transmission input shaft 2) Transmission input bearing 3) Clutch release bearing occasionally referred to as throughout bearing 4) Pilot bearing in the back of flywheel 5) clutch disc lining and 6) clutch fork, 7) Flywheel. When the disc moves from the flywheel, power flow from the engine to your transmission is interrupted. The engine crankshaft and flywheel are turning at a higher speed than the disc and transmission input shaft that are coasting. Once the clutch is actually employed, the disc slides lightly to provide smooth engagement and once again, the clutch clamps the disc up against the flywheel. This leads to the input shaft to turn transmitting engine power to the transmission.

The most important factor in clutch design is the disc material; our Luk clutches use exclusively formulated lining with better performance and extended life guaranteed.

As demonstrated in this figure there are a number of components that will wear or perhaps end up being broken.  You can see the original equipment clutch kit replacements on our site.

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Problems with My Drive Shaft – Drive Line

January 15, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

Driveline Driveshaft troubles should not be ignored, on driveline_3the first indication of a vibration get your driveshaft checked out. Continued vibrations will certainly damage transmission and pinion seals causing lubricant loss and expensive breakdowns.

Driveshafts need to be repaired or re-manufactured by a professional shop, the best store will have a high-speed balancing system. Getting your driveline assembly well-balanced is actually most critical. 2 piece shafts needs to be balanced together with each other. The following information series presents a Driveshaft Failure Evaluation. Drive shaft problems fall into the subsequent 5 categories:

  • Universal Joints
  • Yokes
  • Tubing
  • Tube Shaft
  • Yoke

You can see detailed descriptions of each failure along with a photo of the damaged part to assist you in identification of your problem.

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The Clutch is a Critical Element in Drivetrain System

January 9, 2014 - Author: Courtney

The clutch disc is the central connection element in the drivetrain. In combination with the clutch pressure plate, it separates and links engine and powertrain. Every LUK clutch disc features a lining resilience system that is optimized to the particular application and enables smooth torque build up when moving away and an ergonomically synchronized pedal force curve. Reducing the speed and torque fluctuations generated by the cylinder firing processes, the clutch disc also provide the damping function, in order to reduce noise and wearing on the transmission. Clutches come with torsion damper and without torsion dampening.

With torsion damper is the most cost-effective and space-saving solution for overcoming torsion fluctuation problems in the drivetrain. The cone centering device developed by LUK corrects potential axle displacement between engine and transmission and guarantees a precise damping function, even at idle.

Without torsion damper is used with the most effective torsion damper system currently offered by LUK, the dual mass flywheel. Engine and transmission tolerances, especially on transmission input shafts without pilot bearing, results in a displacement between crankshaft and the transmission. In conjunction with rigid clutch discs for the dual mass flywheel, this displacement can cause idling noises and increased profile wearing in some cases. One solution to this problem is the displacement correction clutch disc, which enables radial displacement of the hub and thereby prevents potential radial forces in idling and low load ranges.

Dual mass flywheel/torsion dampers reduce idling noise

Sound functioning of the dual mass flywheel is therefore guaranteed, even on displacement. The combination of dual mass flywheel and clutch disc with torsion damper is the best solution for particularly noise-critical applications.

The five most common reasons for clutch problems are:

¥ Clutch fails to disengage

¥ Clutch slips

¥ Clutch judders

¥ Clutch makes a noise

¥ Clutch pedal is heavy in operation

See the clutch kits we offer on our site, easy lookup by vehicle manufacture and model number.  Info is offered to help you in diagnosis of clutch problems on our website

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Extended Life Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

- Author: BartBarton

We are a stocking warehouse with American Axle Manufacturing (AAM) aftermarket Drivetrain products.  We provide our customers with high quality, reliability, durability and performance in every aftermarket part we sell including:

  • Drivelines and driveline components
  • Ring and Pinion Sets
  • Bearing Overhaul Kit
  • Front and rear differential carrier and positractions sets
  • Front differential carrier assemblies
  • Axles

AAM designs, engineers, tests and validates components to meet the same exacting specifications as the parts that they replace the components that were originally built for Original Equipment vehicle manufacturers.

The AAM ring and pinion gear sets that we offer are uniquely designed to match the requirements the OEM designated for your specific vehicle. All performance factors for the size and weight of the specific vehicle must be taken into account. Our innovative “Two-Cut” manufacturing process ensures the lowest tolerances possible for the quiet operation required by OEM customers. This “Two-Cut” design also allows for easier set up in the aftermarket replacement business. The combination of materials, heat-treating and cut geometry allows for a gear set that has ten-times the life of a non-OE gear set.

You can see a detailed list of ring and pinion sets, bearing overhaul kits and axle that we provide list on our site.

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Eaton Elocker for Dana 44

January 7, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

Operate the unit with a flip of a dash switch

The new DANA 44 Elocker super-strong four-pinion case is designed to operate in a large variety of vehicles applications both front elockerand rear axle including: Ford Bronco, F150-350, Thunderbird. GMC 1/2 Ton to 3/4 Ton Pickups. Dodge Chrysler, 1/2 Ton to 3/4 Ton Ram, Firebird, Corvette. Jeep Grand Cherokee Wagoneer, C, J, TJ, and CJ series.

Uses off road, rock crawling, towing or your high performance vehicle with 30 spline axles.  Electronic push button selectable lock and unlock,  from open to spool, no leaking air lines or cables to get tangled up operates on 12 Volts.  See details of selection available.

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Around the Shop

January 6, 2014 - Author: Courtney

Brrrrrr…it’s cold outside! -9 degrees good thing building drivelines keeps us warm!

Ice on roadway requires 100% traction, get a positraction installed today.

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New 30 gal Pick-up Extra Capacity Fuel Tank

- Author: Courtney

Go the Extra Mile

Proven Force provides Titian’s Extra Auxiliary Fuel SystemSTAFS (STAFS) brand new innovative system which re-purposes the space commonly used on pick-up trucks for your spare tire as a 30 gallon fuel tank . The STAFS military quality cross-linked polyethylene tank body is light at only 30-pounds, which makes it easy for one person to handle and comes with installation hardware, a filler system, plus an electric fuel transfer monitor and control unit that is managed straight from the pickup’s cab.

The electronic system provides the vehicle operator complete flexibility in controlling how the additional fuel capability is used. The fuel could be kept in reserve or transferred on-the-go as the need arises. The controller’s illuminated interface indicates the tank’s fuel level featuring a single-touch button that starts the fuel transfer sequence. With one touch, fuel begins transferring from the STAFS tank to the vehicle’s primary fuel tank and continues to flow until it is automatically stopped by the controller or the button is touched again. To learn more about this new product visit our website at

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Pinion Yokes

January 3, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

You Need a New Pinion Yoke When?

Pinion yokes are splined to the pinion  shaft coming out of the rear end. The pinion yoke provides the attachment point for the driveshaft. The pinion yokes can be damaged from a failing U-Joint. If it becomes damaged it can result in a vibration in the drivetrain.  Worn out splines in the pinion yoke can cause a clunking sound when shifting from reverse to forward gear.

New Pinion Yokes are available for the following rear ends: dana35_pinionyoke AMC, Chrysler, Dana 28, Dana 30, Dana 35, Dana 44, Dana 50, Dana 60, Dana 70, Dana 80, Ford 10.25, Ford 10.5, Ford 7.5, Ford 8, Ford 8.8, Ford 9, GM 7.25, GM .2, GM 8.5, GM 8.75 and GM 9.5, GM 10.5, Gm 11.5, inch.

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Fuel Tanks

- Author: BartBarton

fuel_tank_kitYou can save money on fuel and extend vehicle range!

We offer a wide range of larger diesel fuel tanks to extend the range of your vehicle between fill-ups. With large capacity fuel tank you can save money by purchasing more fuel when the price is down.

See the fuel tanks we offer for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and GMC.

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