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Rear Axle for 1990 Chevy 1/2 ton Pickup Truck

March 25, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

I have a Chevy 1500 1990 V8 4WD.

Question:  I need to order the driver side rear axle, I live in Alaska and need to be 100 percent sure I am ordering the correct axle what information should I supply.

Answer:  Check out he illustration below and supply the information identified in this drawing:


You can see a complete list of axles we can provide on our site.  Take advantage of our technical expertise give us a call at 800-444-0755, we have the information you need.

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ATV Axle Spring Special Free Shipping

March 21, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

For a limited time we are offering free shipping on any ATV axles ordered by July 30 2014.  We offer axles for the following ATV applications:

Free technical support is available to assist you in getting the correct ATV axle the first time, just give us a call toll free 1-800-444-0755.  See the other drivetrain parts we offer on our site.

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$50.00 to $70.00 Price Reduction on Eaton Positractions

March 19, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

For a limited time Eaton is offer a rebate program on its Positraction units, purchase between April 1, 2014 and June 30, 2014.  $50.00 to $70.00 Rebate savings offer includes the following Eaton Positraction models:

  • Detroit Locker  Heavy Duty Applications Off Road
  • Elocker  Positraction at the flip of a switch
  • Detroit Tracloc Found in many production vehicles
  • Eaton Positraction Great replacement for GM Gov-Loc

See the  vehicle models that these positractions fit on our site .


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Ford 8.8 inch Explorer Differential Problem

March 18, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

I have a Ford Explorer 1996, call the dealer with VIN and he told me it was the 8.8 inch differential.


Master Rear End Rebuild Kit
(open differential non posi)

Question:  My rear end is making a lot of noise, can you help me diagnose?  What parts should I order?

Answer:  Ring and Pinion Set damaged or worn out Chipped ring gear makes a loud click or clang. The leading cause of chipped teeth on the ring or pinion gear is abuse. This abuse usually happens when the vehicle gets stuck. The tendency is to rock the vehicle backwards and forwards simply by shifting from reverse to low and back repeatedly attempting to break free, this puts high force on the teeth causing one or two to fail.

Be sure your backlash is correct, and your pinion and carrier bearing preload is correct. Check your differential specification for rotational torque on the pinion, and the carrier should have to be tapped directly into position, not hammered hard or fall in and out. Improper preload can be a main cause of early bearing failure. Checking the ring and pinion gear pattern that is the best way to determine an excellent install. The gear set and housing determine the correct install depth (check your rear end specification), you will need a magnetic base and dial indicator to get this correct.  We would suggest that this repair be left to some one with experience and tools,  It would be a good idea for you to provide the parts, this will save you some money!  You can see the ring and pinion parts that we can supply on our site.

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Positraction Clutch Problem 1999 F150

- Author: BartBarton

My Ford Pickup Truck is F150 1999.

Question:  The positraction in my rear end is the Ford Trac Loc, it has quit working, can it be repaired?


You can change the Clutches
in your Ford Trac-Loc

Answer:   Positraction Clutches will wear out in the Positraction

Ford Trac-Loc limited-slip differential failure is usually contributed by the clutches these are small, tend to shatter and break. The clutch retaining clips can also come off and harm carrier bearing cap. Parts are available to overhaul the Trac-Loc positraction.  You can see the Ford Trac Loc we offer on our site.

Good reference to article on repair of Ford Track Loc positraction

Chevrolet and GM vehicles normally have Gov Loc positractions, these units are not repairable, and we suggest you switch the Gov Loc with our Eaton positraction.

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Ford 1 ton Worn Spider Gears

- Author: BartBarton

I have a 1996 Ford 1 ton F350, 7.3L Diesel

Question:  I thought I had a bad pinion yoke I hear the famous clunk when engaging reverse to low gear.  I dropped the rear of the driveline to check the splines in the pinion yoke, they look pristine, what wrong?

Answer:  Worn Spider/Side Gears internal_kit

Excessive wear brought on by excessive mileage, misuse or poor or contaminated lubrication. Noise show itself just like pinion yoke clunk, once you have removed the driveline from the rear differential and can’t see any spline damage the problem is probably worn or damaged side/spider gears.

Replace of the spider/side gears. You want to order a new “internal kit” this kit will include 2 new spider and 2 new side gears, cross shaft and locking bolt. This is probably the simplest part of the rear differential to repair, drain fluid, remove the rear cover, with the rear tires taken off, you now have to remove the axles, if you have “C” bolt axles, push the axle in slightly and look into the center section the place that the axle comes through the spider gear you will see “C” clip remove it and this will release the axle and now you can removed. Replicate same operation on the other side. Now you can remove the cross shaft locking bolt and drive out the cross shaft, the spider and side gear will fall out. Reverse this procedure to re-install these gears.  You can see the rear end part that we can provide for your differential on out site.

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2004 Chevy 1500 Worn-out Rear End Bearings

- Author: BartBarton

I have a Chevrolet 1/2 2004 V8, it has only freeway mileage, never off road.

Question:  I think the bearings are going out in my rear end, how do I know?


Rear End Bearing Rebuild Kit

Answer:   There are two different sets of bearing in the rear differential: pinion bearing(s) or carrier bearings.

Pinion Bearing — You should observe difficulties with the seal leaking and also you probably will be able to find excessive up and down movements in the driveshaft exactly where it enters the differential, the noise is variable with the speed, but might go away on deceleration, until very low speed where it will come back. When the sound is constant when driving and does not disappear when you let off on the throttle, then the pinion bearings are bad.

Carrier Bearings — You may hear a bearing whine or thump-thump noise, low-pitched growl starting around 20 mph, failure caused by wear or when water and debris entering the differential housing degrading the fluid protection and causing corrosion.

Damaged carrier bearings have been reported to cause a vibration and may not make any noise once they go bad. Carrier bearings can be missing big pieces, when ignored the races can spin in housing/case. This problem can be reduced by decreasing fluid change intervals. When changing the carrier bearings keep track of which shims came from which side and make certain that they go back in the same place.

Change the pinion bearing simultaneously. If you spun a carrier bearing race in the housing you probably require a new housing, simply replacing bearings will not repair the problem. The spinning race can hone the carrier bearing race seat on housing making the race seat out of round. Thus the space the carrier bearing resides in is now not round and out of tolerance. Making the differential even more vulnerable to spinning a carrier bearing again.

When replacing a bearing inside the differential you need to change all bearings, gaskets and seals, contaminants from your old damage bearing propagates completely throughout all bearings in the rear end and it’s difficult to get to clean out even with solvent and air blowing will not be sufficient.

Recommend whenever you drain out the fluid from the differential you run it through a paper paint filter, you will notice aluminum colored fluid and may also find large pieces giving you an early idea as to potential problem.

You might also want to consider installation of a larger rear end cover this will increase the amount of fluid you can run which will help lower the lube temperature we recommend synthetic differential fluid with friction additive.  You can see the rear end parts we offer on our site.

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1987 Jeep with Clunk in Rear End

- Author: BartBarton

I  have a 1987 Jeep with the straight 6 cylinder 4WD.

Question:  I hear a clunk from the rear end when I put it into gear to take off, can you help me?

Answer: Pinion Yoke Spline Excessive Wear

Chirp or clunk sound when you place a pinion_damage_willberrycar or truck into reverse, or sometimes whenever shifting from park to drive or low gear.

This problem is typically caused by wear or abuse and requires that you install a new pinion yoke.  You can test this before removing the driveshaft.  See if you can move the driveshaft up and down just before where it enters the differential.

Pinion Yokes can also be damaged by worn out pinion seal, see photo (willberry).  You can see the new yokes we provide on our site.

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1994 Chevy 1500 Leaking Pinion Seal

- Author: BartBarton

I have a 1994 Chevrolet 1/2 ton 1500 Pickuppinion_seal

Question:  I am see oil slung on the under body both sides and the top near the rear differential, what could the possible problem be?

Answer:  From you description you probably have a Pinion Seal Leaking.  Generally you will see fluid on the driveway, (moisture around where the drive shaft enters into the differential) suggest you only drive your vehicle to the shop and have an experience differential mechanic change the pinion seal and re-set the torque on a new crush sleeve.

Incorrect setting of the torque on the pinion nut will lead to significant damage. What occurs is the pattern on the ring and pinion gear won’t be correct and you will damage the ring and pinion set (within a few miles), then you must replace the ring and pinion (they’re manufactured and sold in sets, they must be replaced in sets) Leaking pinion seals can allow the pinion nut to back away also it has been report on several occasion that the driveline can fall out! Find a video that gives more information on pinion seal changing at  you can see the other rear end differential parts we can supply on our site.

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Camaro Bent or broken axle

- Author: BartBarton

I have a 1990 Chevrolet Camaro


New Replacement Axles

Question: In the rain I spun out and hit the curb with the rear wheel, is it possible I bent the axle?

Answer:  Broken axle simple to identify as the wheel in most cases will fall out, this event could be preceded by noise, really dangerous stop vehicle do not drive. Bent axle typically happens when vehicle spins out or slaps a curb you might not observe damage (you may hear a high pitched squeal).  It has been reported that higher horsepower sports type cars can bend axle by wheel hopping.

If you feel vibration, start by removeing the wheel and tire, take it  to tire shop and have them put on balance and check for a bent wheel. If the wheel isn’t bent you must or have someone remove the axle put  the head of the axle just off the edge of a table, then roll the axle along the edge you should be able to observe bend. If the axle or axle head wobbles, you have a bent axle. And must replace the axle.  You can see the full line of automotive and pickup axles we can provide on our site.

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