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Model T Custom need Gear Set

November 25, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

Model T Coupe with 302 engine.

Question:  Understandably, this is a aam 021custom application. I have shoehorned a Hipo 302 with a C4 and narrowed 8″ rear into a 1925 Model T Coupe. I am running 10″x15″ tires on the rear and 5″x14″ up front. Originally the rear had 2.78 gears. I have installed 3.80 with a locker but feel the RPM will be quite high for a comfortable long distance ride and a 12 gallon fuel tank. I am leaning towards either 3.00 or 3.25 rear ration. Any advice?

Answer:  Below is a quick formula that will let you calculate te correct gear ratio that you need.

RPM= MPH x  Gear Ratio x  336   then divide this by tire diameter in inches. This will tell you what RPM you would be at with whatever MPH & Ratio you select.

Give Lance or James a call toll free 800-444-0755 the can help you get the correct parts the first time.

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Need Aluminum Drive Shaft

November 24, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

I have a K2500 1999 7.4L Automatic 4WD

Question:  I have a 1999 K2500 crew cab short box Chev 4X4. It has had a vibration in the driveline since I purchased it used 8 years ago. I have had the driveshafts balanced, I checked the opperating angles of the u joints, hanger bearing replaced along with replacing the u joints. I was made aware that this is an ongoing problem with these trucks and that there was a optional 1 piece aluminum driveshaft available which is no longer available through Chev. Is this something that can be built by provenforce? Any help or suggestions will be greatly appriciated.

Answer:  We can provide  brand new aluminum shaft fabricated in our shop to replace your existing shat.  Depending upon what joints from you existing shaft we can use the cost will run between $500. and $600 plus freight.  See the other driveline and drive shafts  assemblies we can provide on our site.

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