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Transfer Case or Differential Problem

May 19, 2015 - Author: BartBarton


When i put transfer case into gear light lights up and the rod is shifting the transfer case but tires not spinning only rears. How can i check its the transfer case not front diff. I have 2003 dodge ram 2500 3/4 ton np271d transfer case with hemi motor

Answer: Jack the truck up engage 4wd and see if the front drive shaft spins … if the drive shaft spins and the front wheels don’t it is the diff accuator or the diff. if the front shaft doesn’t spin then it’s the transfer case

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How a Clutch Works

May 8, 2015 - Author: Courtney

For a description of specific clutch elements see the figure on the right


Clutch Diagram

1) Transmission input shaft 2) Transmission input bearing 3) Clutch release bearing sometimes referred to as throughout bearing 4) Pilot bearing in the back of flywheel 5) clutch disc lining and 6) clutch fork, 7) Flywheel. When the disc moves away from the flywheel, power flow from your engine to the transmission is interrupted. The engine crankshaft and flywheel are rotating at a higher speed than the disc and transmission input shaft that are coasting. When the clutch is engaged, the disc slips briefly to supply smooth engagement and once again, the clutch clamps the disc up against the flywheel. This causes the input

shaft to turn transmitting engine power to the transmission. The most important factor in clutch design is the disc materials; Luk clutches use precisely formulated lining with much better efficiency and longer life guaranteed.

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