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Fuel Tank upgrade for Diesel 2011-2015 Ford F250, F350 & F450 6.7L Crew Cab 8ft bed

August 13, 2014 - Author: James N

Question: I have a new 2014 Ford F350 6.7L Diesel crew cab with 8ft box and I pull a camper trailer behind my truck and travel from Minneapolis, MN to Lake Gile Flowage up by Hurley, WI  every other weekend my question is do they make a fuel tank that is larger then the 36 Gallon that the truck came with for I don’t like paying the price of fuel up in northern Wisconsin?


Answer: We offer a Titan fuel tank that would expand your 36 gallon tank to 65 gallons and would fit right in place of your existing tank so no need to make any cosmetic changes to your truck.  Your price is $1437.30 plus tax  and we also can install fuel tank for $275.00. We also have a fuel tank that would mount where your spare tire fits that would hold 30 gallon and would come with Titan’s Electronic controller, fuel pump, brushed aluminum fuel door and filler kit they are $1618.20 plus tax and we also can install for $300.00. We also have in the bed tanks available. so give James a call at 1-800-444-0755 and let me help you save money today on fuel.                                                                                       fuel_tank_kit


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New 30 gal Pick-up Extra Capacity Fuel Tank

January 6, 2014 - Author: Courtney

Go the Extra Mile

Proven Force provides Titian’s Extra Auxiliary Fuel SystemSTAFS (STAFS) brand new innovative system which re-purposes the space commonly used on pick-up trucks for your spare tire as a 30 gallon fuel tank . The STAFS military quality cross-linked polyethylene tank body is light at only 30-pounds, which makes it easy for one person to handle and comes with installation hardware, a filler system, plus an electric fuel transfer monitor and control unit that is managed straight from the pickup’s cab.

The electronic system provides the vehicle operator complete flexibility in controlling how the additional fuel capability is used. The fuel could be kept in reserve or transferred on-the-go as the need arises. The controller’s illuminated interface indicates the tank’s fuel level featuring a single-touch button that starts the fuel transfer sequence. With one touch, fuel begins transferring from the STAFS tank to the vehicle’s primary fuel tank and continues to flow until it is automatically stopped by the controller or the button is touched again. To learn more about this new product visit our website at

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Fuel Tanks

January 3, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

fuel_tank_kitYou can save money on fuel and extend vehicle range!

We offer a wide range of larger diesel fuel tanks to extend the range of your vehicle between fill-ups. With large capacity fuel tank you can save money by purchasing more fuel when the price is down.

See the fuel tanks we offer for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and GMC.

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