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Eaton Elocker for Dana 44

January 7, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

Operate the unit with a flip of a dash switch

The new DANA 44 Elocker super-strong four-pinion case is designed to operate in a large variety of vehicles applications both front elockerand rear axle including: Ford Bronco, F150-350, Thunderbird. GMC 1/2 Ton to 3/4 Ton Pickups. Dodge Chrysler, 1/2 Ton to 3/4 Ton Ram, Firebird, Corvette. Jeep Grand Cherokee Wagoneer, C, J, TJ, and CJ series.

Uses off road, rock crawling, towing or your high performance vehicle with 30 spline axles.  Electronic push button selectable lock and unlock,  from open to spool, no leaking air lines or cables to get tangled up operates on 12 Volts.  See details of selection available.

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New 30 gal Pick-up Extra Capacity Fuel Tank

January 6, 2014 - Author: Courtney

Go the Extra Mile

Proven Force provides Titian’s Extra Auxiliary Fuel SystemSTAFS (STAFS) brand new innovative system which re-purposes the space commonly used on pick-up trucks for your spare tire as a 30 gallon fuel tank . The STAFS military quality cross-linked polyethylene tank body is light at only 30-pounds, which makes it easy for one person to handle and comes with installation hardware, a filler system, plus an electric fuel transfer monitor and control unit that is managed straight from the pickup’s cab.

The electronic system provides the vehicle operator complete flexibility in controlling how the additional fuel capability is used. The fuel could be kept in reserve or transferred on-the-go as the need arises. The controller’s illuminated interface indicates the tank’s fuel level featuring a single-touch button that starts the fuel transfer sequence. With one touch, fuel begins transferring from the STAFS tank to the vehicle’s primary fuel tank and continues to flow until it is automatically stopped by the controller or the button is touched again. To learn more about this new product visit our website at

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