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1970 Pontiac Firebird need new Positraction & Gears

May 19, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

I have a 1970 Pontiac Firebird with the 455 engine and automatic transmission.

Question:  The firebird needs positraction and a new change in gears from 2-56 to ? The firebird has the TH400 transmission, 8.2 10 bolt Pontiac rear end. need something with more pulling power and still comfortable to drive down the hi way. 3,08 or 3.36 ? had a TH350 in car but 455 with  60 over mild camshaft, ate them ! Went with 400 now lost some pull in 1st and 2nd gear. what to do and how much?

Answer:  You can figure you RPM at whatever MPH you want to drive with this formula RPM = MPH X Gear Ratio X 336 then divide this by the tire diameter in inches.


Replacement for GM Stock Posi

Here are some options we recommend see if any of these will work for you:

  • Eaton positraction you will need is part number PFEA19674-010 $526.27
  • Motive 3.55 Gears PFMWBP882355 your cost is $262.85 there is also a Yukon 3.36 Gears available part number PFYG GMBOP-336 your cost for this gear kit is $294-55
  • You will also need a bearing rebuilt order our part number PFR-10-82 your cost is $ 116.41 plus S&H. These are all high quality aftermarket parts.

If you have additional questions, to place order or need help give Lance a call at 800-444-0755 he can help you. Installation is available in our shop in Maple Grove MN, just give us a call to schedule.


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See You At Back to the Fifties Weekend

May 12, 2014 - Author: James N


back to 50

Can you believe 47 year of back to the fifties

We are Equipped to work on your fifties Classic ride. We can build you a new drive shaft or fix your old drive shaft.

Need a Clutch for your Classic Car

Find are Ad in the Linechaser or your program at the show                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  We offer discounts to MSRA members

Call James 1-800-444-0755

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Positraction Clutch Problem 1999 F150

March 18, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

My Ford Pickup Truck is F150 1999.

Question:  The positraction in my rear end is the Ford Trac Loc, it has quit working, can it be repaired?


You can change the Clutches
in your Ford Trac-Loc

Answer:   Positraction Clutches will wear out in the Positraction

Ford Trac-Loc limited-slip differential failure is usually contributed by the clutches these are small, tend to shatter and break. The clutch retaining clips can also come off and harm carrier bearing cap. Parts are available to overhaul the Trac-Loc positraction.  You can see the Ford Trac Loc we offer on our site.

Good reference to article on repair of Ford Track Loc positraction

Chevrolet and GM vehicles normally have Gov Loc positractions, these units are not repairable, and we suggest you switch the Gov Loc with our Eaton positraction.

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Positraction Units

January 3, 2014 - Author: BartBarton

Never Get Stuck Againpositraction_blog!

Proven Force is a leading supplier of automotive positractions for both cars and light, medium and large heavy duty trucks. A wide selection is available OE replacement positractions for Dana and Eaton rear ends.  Aftermarket positractions units are available from Detroit Locker and Auburn gear.

Installed Larger Tires and Wheels?

Now is the time to change the ring and pinion ratio and improve traction by adding a positraction center section.  Ring and pinion ratio must be changed to gain back the power lost to large tire diameter.

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